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How To Make Your Lawn Mower Business Successful?

The success of your lawn mowing business depends on your target audience. There are people who mow their lawn themselves compared to others who prefer hiring someone to do so. To amplify the reach of your business, you ought to reach out to as many people as you can and understand the value addition that your service can do to them. To market your small engine service and best lawn mower equipments to your target, you can blend a variety of traditional and out of the box marketing techniques.


Create a website of your own with a detailed listing of all the products you wish to sell alongside the service deliverables. Try to lure customers with unique content and if needed, hire a search marketing agency that can optimize your websites and make sure that they rank high on the search engine result pages.  Also, put all your contact information, prices and client details increasing the transparency and credibility among prospects on the website.


Advertisement is one of the best ways to make your lawn mower equipments popular among the local prospects. Advertise in a local newspaper and at the same time use online channels to promote the products to global customer. Encourage the prospects with discounts and offers. Promote the related products on the website for better sales. Invite them for a free service of small engine repair in Northborough. You can also use the local agency boys to distribute the flyers and collaterals of your service to people around. Placing the marketing material on the doorsteps would really arrest the eyeballs of many prospects, looking for a lawn mower product or a service. You can also resort to transit advertisement, wherein a vehicle can carry your product and the brand message and communicate to everyone in the city.

Social Media

The social media landscape is really humongous and it is surely one of the most popular ways to increase the reach and frequency of your lawn mower and small engine repair services. Utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ effectively for a better mileage. You can also post a banner or text advertisement on the search engines and run a native advertisement across the social channels, if you do not have a budget constraint. You can also contests on the social pages to attract customers.

In-Store premises

In-store premises really work wonders to attract customers. This is the place where you can ensure a synergy between the online proposition and the actual place of service. Hire professionally trained engineers who can understand the customers’ requirements and suggest them the best lawn mower for their needs. Provide money back guarantee and swift service. This will help in differentiating you from the other firms that offer small engine repair in Northborough.

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Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

This is a review of the Black and Decker (B&D) CMM1000 5 HP cordless electric lawn mower with a 19-inch cutting path. The mower has a mulching feature and came with a rear-mounted grass catcher. The author has used this model for years and offers the following observations and advice to those considering the purchase of a cordless electric lawn mower.


This cordless lawn mower is extremely convenient. There is no need to purchase any gasoline or oil for the life of the mower. Because gasoline prices are currently so high, this is an extremely cost-effective mower. The B&D CMM1000 mower initially costs more than its gasoline-powered counterpart. However, the elimination of gas and oil purchases, oil changes, air filter changes, and all the maintenance normally associated with small gasoline engines offsets the initial price.

Almost no maintenance is required, except for an occasional blade sharpening and removal of accumulated grass from beneath the cutting deck and discharge chute.

Electric lawn mowers are much quieter than their gasoline-powered counterparts. The noise level drops even more during the cutting session as the battery gradually uses its charge.

Say good-bye to back-breaking pull starting. Electric lawn mowers start via a simple switch or lever.

Finally, the one-hand external cutting height adjustment lever requires no tools and only minimal hand strength. The height adjustment has a simple gauge showing the best height for mulching.


The mower comes with a safety key that must be inserted before the cordless electric lawn mower will start. This key cannot be inserted until the recharging cord is detached from the back of the electric lawn mower. The mower is started by pulling the safety release lever up to the padded handle, and operating the convenient start lever. The safety release must be held to the handle during mower operation. If the operator releases his or her grip for any reason, the cordless electric lawn mower promptly stops.

The cordless electric lawn mower must never be operated in wet grass because it is an electrical appliance. If there are several days of rain in a row, the owner must wait until the yard has dried sufficiently before using the electric mower. This drying often takes at least another full day after the end of the rain.

Battery Life and Charging

The B&D CMM1000 cordless electric lawn mower houses a sealed 24-volt battery inside the entirely plastic casing. No extension cord is required to operate this mower.

Anyone who has carried a car or boat battery might assume that this unit would be difficult to push because of the large battery. On the contrary, the battery is well-balanced between the two back wheels and the mower is easy to maneuver.

The battery trickle-charges via the external power supply and uses standard 110 Volt household outlets. The recharging plug can be difficult to plug into the mower in dim light or for those with limited manual dexterity. A red/green LED on the mower indicates that the mower is charging (red) or fully charged (green).

The instructions for this cordless electric lawn mower indicate that the battery reaches about 70% of its full charge in 4 hours of charging. Experience has shown that it is better to allow the mower to fully charge overnight before using it again.

Engine Horsepower

The B&D CMM1000 cordless electric lawn mower has a 5 HP battery. This is 5 HP gas equivalent at peak torque. A gasoline lawn mower will operate at full horsepower until the last drop of gasoline is used. The electric lawn mower will operate at or near full horsepower for most of the cutting time, and then gradually loses horsepower until a recharge is required.

This mower is rated for a yard of approximately 1/3 acre. Experience has shown that the mower is much better suited for 0.25 acre or less, if the owner desires to cut the entire yard in a single session. Otherwise, the mower must recharge overnight, and the remainder of the lawn must be cut another day.

Battery Operating Time

This cordless electric lawn mower can operate for 40-45 minutes on a full charge at ideal grass conditions. Ideal grass conditions include dry grass only requiring 1-2 inches to be cut. High grass, damp grass, dried grass clumps from previous mowings, and thick grass will all decrease the cutting time, because these conditions require more power and drain the battery faster. Cutting the grass very low, a dull blade, and using the mulching feature will also decrease the cutting time.

Those wishing to purchase this cordless electric lawn mower should invest in the inexpensive external grass discharge chute. This chute is not included with the mower. The mulching feature cuts the grass clippings repeatedly, and drains the battery faster. With the external discharge chute, cut grass exits the mower quickly.


As stated previously, this cordless electric lawn mower operates at the rated horsepower for most, but not all, of the cutting session. Factors such as thicker or higher grass can decrease the amount of cutting time available. The unit cannot be used while the grass is wet. The rating that the cordless lawn mower can cut 1/3 acre on a single charge is optimistic. This mower does best cutting 0.20-0.25 acres on a single charge.


The B&D CMM1000 5 HP 19-inch cordless electric lawn mower (or comparable model) is ideal for homeowners with yards of about 0.25 acres or less, who dislike dealing with gas and oil, and prefer a quieter lawn cutting experience. The mower is easy to operate and recharge, although a few owners might have difficulty plugging the recharging cord into the mower. Note that the model reviewed was purchased several years ago, and this issue may have been resolved.

If you have a small lot, are tired of keeping flammable gasoline in the garage, and hate pull-starting a lawn mower (or are unable to), a cordless electric lawn mower is the perfect lawn mower for you.

What are the Benefits of Electric Lawn Mower

Everyone that has a garden will in the end delve into getting lawn mowers for sale and this is because they are very much useful when it comes to maintaining your garden and making it look beautiful. If you have a garden you love a lot and you are at an age when you only can find passion in gardening, then getting a electric lawn mower is certainly your best bet to benefit from a great help. If you will do it with a scythe, you will not only be let in on the danger of hurting yourself, but this will be a slow and painful process that will soon wear you out and more to that,  you will also get to injure someone if you will not be careful.

When you will be out and about with buying one such piece of machinery, you will need to take a good look at the electric lawn mowers. They are very much superior to the ones that are based on gasoline and you will see just how much you will benefit from them. First, due to the fact that they don’t use gasoline, you will not be let in on the danger of seeing it catching fire. With such a situation on your hands, you and as well as someone else can get hurt and that’s not something you wish for.

And let’s admit it; having some gasoline in your garage is not something that will make you feel safe. If you have kids and they are often playing in the garage, you can realize what this can turn into.

The mowers that are based on electrical circuitry are preferred due to the fact that they will also not make too much noise in comparison to the old fashioned ones. Also, no more smoke from now on. So, if you will want to have them recharged, you will only need to make sure that you will connect them to an outlet. With one single charge, you will be able to mow the entire lawn without problems.

When you will use these walk behind mowers, you will be free to also grab a beer and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass. Be sure that you will take a look at all of the online stores that are featuring these mowers, so that you will benefit from a great price.

No one will like to find out that they have bought such a machine with 50 bucks more than what it retailed for at another store.


The force is weak in this one, mhm…


The force is weak in this one, mhm…

Electric Lawn Mowers - Pros and Cons

Electric mowers reviews seem to have everyone interested, yet not every one is convinced they are a great choice. We have decided to put together a list of the electric lawn mowers pros and cons to help you in determining if an electric mower is for you.

Keep in mind, some of the cons on this list are only cons for some individuals, and not for everyone. Weigh the pros and cons before you jump in and buy an electric mower. It is important that you make a purchase like this, only after you have done your research and determined it is the best choice for you and your lawn.

Pros- Environmentally friendly
- Mulching/bagging options
- Effortless start
- On average can mow up to an acre of land
- Lightweight
- Quiet
- Reasonably priced
- Easy to maneuver
- Performance is similar to gas powered
- No paying for gas and or oil for the mower
- No need for expensive maintenance
- Variation in voltage to meet more needs
- Deck sizes vary just like gas mowers

Cons- cord limitations on corded mowers
- battery life varies with grass type/condition
- might need back-up battery for larger lawns
- can only mow about an acre without recharging
- obstacles can limit mowing area due to cord
- less horsepower than gas mower

As you can see, electric mowers have a lot more pros than they do cons. The only real con that we could find that would cause an individual to avoid buying an electric mower is if they had a larger area than an acre to mow.

For people with more than about an acre and a half, an electric mower seems to be more of an inconvenience to use than they are worth. Especially if you will be buying additional back up batteries in order to mow a larger yard in one day. This will add up quickly in a very short amount of time. For one to two extra batteries you can expect to spend anywhere from $150-400 and up.

Of those that are owners of an electric lawn mower, they would all agree, ownership has helped them to make a difference without going without.

Performance is always a concern for those still looking into buying an electric mower, but once they do their research, understand the electric lawn mowers pros and cons, and even talk to people that do have an electric mower, they soon realize this is a purchase that they will not regret.